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About IgnitED Labs

Aiming to build pathways for the ASU community, helping to cultivate new skills and mindsets.


The IgnitED Labs make up an innovative technology hub to bring emergent technologies and innovative pedagogical approaches together through an humanistic lens. Founded in the knowledge that humans are the center of technological advancements and processes, IgnitED Labs presents interactions, products, and services aimed to provide pathways to gaining new skill sets and mindsets.

At the core of our operations are three tenets:

Futures thinking perspective

A mindset and philosophy based on the broader academic discipline of Futures Studies. It is the act of evaluating emerging global trends and informing strategic plans to handle future uncertainty in any system. As such, it does not aim to predict the future, but to account for the uncertainty that exists in a system.

Principled Innovation

When designing and developing solutions that involve technology, it is important to consider how they directly and indirectly affect individual people and larger communities.

Human centered design

By actively considering human attitudes, needs, and limitations, technology can become far more effective in its intended use. This involves explicit consideration of the end-user and their perspective.

We are dedicated to connecting lifelong learners and a range of educators with the new and emerging digital tools and technology of the future.

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Explore emerging technology

Learn from anywhere!

Our aim is to provide an engaging and supportive learning environment to help foster the spirit of intrapreneurship and innovation within the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College and the ASU community.

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Wondering where to start?

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Virtual & augmented reality

Begin exploring with our technology guides for the Oculus Quest.


Interested in robotics? Read our technology guide for LEGO Mindstorms, a fun introduction to the world of physical computing.

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Looking to learn more about AI? See this guide on both the Google AIY Vision and Voice kits.

And much more

Take some time and explore our site! There is so much to learn and see! If you want some more help figuring out where to start, set up a Virtual Tech Visit with an ETC!

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