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Innovation IgnitED Through Emerging Technology

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The IgnitED Labs are open online!

IgnitED Labs’ next Live Learning Session:

Mar 2 / Mar 3 | 3-4pm
Microsoft Sway/Google Sites/Adobe Spark: creating a portfolio

Visit IgnitED Labs Online to visit with an Educational Technology Champion and check out our resources.

What are the IgnitED Labs?

The IgnitED Labs are an innovative technology hub that brings together emergent technologies and innovative pedagogical approaches through a humanistic lens enhancing learning experiences and environments. Founded in the knowledge that humans are the center of technological advancements and processes, the IgnitED Labs designs transformative learning experiences that span open educational resources, curriculum development, professional and community educator experiences, and customized support and services for organizations. At the core of our operations are three tenets: a futures thinking perspective, guided by Principled Innovation, to design human-centered products and services to connect with lifelong learners and a range of educators, providing pathways to new skill sets and mindsets.

Explore new and emerging technology

Get hands on with new and emerging technology in the IgnitED Labs. All locations are collaborative, open, exploratory spaces built to allow users to play and create with emerging technologies that will be part of the classroom of tomorrow such as: virtual (VR) and augmented (AR) reality, robotics, telepresence robots, internet of things (IoT) devices, coding, 3D printing, as well as machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced electronic and mechanical engineering equipment where applicable.

Our aim is to provide an engaging and supportive learning environment to help foster the spirit of intrapreneurship and innovation within the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College and the ASU community. No experience is required to jump in and explore the labs. Whether you want to come test out a new tool, or platform, or come explore the space, we encourage you to join us and let the excitement begin. 

Experience the labs

The IgnitED Labs are open in a virtual capacity to all ASU students, faculty, and staff. Individuals can visit us through IgnitED Labs Online. Post-pandemic, we will return to normal operations with three labs across the Phoenix area ASU campus network, with locations at Tempe campus, Polytechnic campus, and West campus. If you have a group (or class) and would like to arrange a remote workshop, training, or demonstration, please contact our staff. We will do our best to work with you to facilitate creative experiences in the IgnitED Labs with a focus on humanizing technology to engage learners of all types and abilities.

Explore extended reality (XR)

Working with VR to explore educational possibilities from guided virtual field trips to fully virtualized environments. Bringing information and experiences to life for users to become immersed in their learning

Providing opportunities to develop original content for VR environments and 3D objects. Creating innovative performances of understanding of complex topics or ideas across a wide range of disciplines.

Moving beyond code with programmables

The IgnitED Labs provide a space for working with 21st-century skills to incorporate robotics and technology with STEAM activities across a variety of subject areas and disciplines. 

The Labs feature new opportunities for students to demonstrate their understanding of complex topics and ideas through robotics. Teachers will discover creative and approachable pathways to interest students of all ages in the educational encounters available with technology.

Exploring emerging technology for problem-solving

The IgnitED Labs provide the opportunity to explore the power of inexpensive computing devices to develop creative solutions for problems utilizing coding, sensors and the internet. Get hands on with some of the latest technology that supports a wide range of application including physical computing, web development, coding, machine learning, distributed computing and artificial intelligence (AI).

The IgnitED Labs are open online!

Although our physical locations are temporarily closed, you can schedule a Virtual Tech Visit M-F 9am to 4pm, or drop in for a Tech Visit M-W-F 9am to 5pm.

Resources are available 24/7 in the IgnitED Labs Resource Library.


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