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The IgnitED Labs make up an innovative technology hub to bring emergent technologies and innovative pedagogical approaches together through an humanistic lens. Founded in the knowledge that humans are the center of technological advancements and processes, IgnitED Labs presents interactions, products, and services aimed to provide pathways to gaining new skill sets and mindsets.

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See how various computer programs and applications can help better your workflow, both in and out of the classroom.

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Curious about the different kinds of technology in our lab? Look through comprehensive guides that will show you all you need to know.

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We have created an extensive list of innovative educational-tech experiences. Browse our favorite apps, videos and websites to find your next adventure.

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Adobe Spark: introduction to video editing

Explore video editing in Adobe Spark Video with the IgnitED Labs from Arizona State University's Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College.

Using Slack with students

Build connections and share learning opportunities with students using Slack.

LEGO Education: BOOST

Learn how to use block coding to control a variety of projects in LEGO Education's introductory-level kit.

Utilizing Snipping Tool

Use Snipping Tool on Windows computers to capture screenshots of your desktop or snipets.

Microsoft Sway for educators

Explore Microsoft Sway with the IgnitED Labs from Arizona State University's Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College.

AIY Vision Kit by Google

Learn the basics of AI and IoT with the AIY Vision Kit by Google.

LEGO Education: Mindstorms EV3

LEGO Education's most advanced learning set allows users to explore coding and artificial intelligence.

Google AI experiments

Learn about how Google created a variety of experiments to showcase the depths of Artificial Intelligence.

Building a portfolio

Explore Portfolio Construction using Sway and Spark with the IgnitED Labs from Arizona State University's Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College.

Battery replacement for a laptop

Learn how to install a replacement battery in an Alienware M15 R3 laptop.

The Beam Presence® robot

Explore a new way to communicate with others through the Beam Presence robot.

Screen recording with Zoom

Use Zoom to record your screen to produce instructional or informational videos.

Assess, engage, and present with Pear Deck

Engage your students remotely or in-person with Pear Deck.

Coding with Scratch

Take an intro-level look into coding with an Educational Technology Champion using Scratch.

3D printing pens

Learn how 3D printing pens work and how they can be used for art and education.

Audacity: major functions for podcasting

Learn introductory audio editing skills with Audacity - a free software for Windows, Mac, or Linux users.

Nintendo Labo

Compatible with the Nintendo Switch, the Nintendo Labo offers students a gentle and family-friendly introduction to the world of VR and AR.

Augmented reality headsets: ZapBox

Introducing ZapBox, the first affordable AR headset, that uses cardboard devices and software to simulate AR for education.

A quick guide to XR, AI and IoT

Learn more about what XR, AI, and IoT are and how they're implemented in our day to day lives and within educational spaces.

DIY doc cam (type 1)

Learn to craft your own Doc-Cam with a few household items!

Adobe XD: task flows and prototypes

Explore Adobe XD with the IgnitED Labs from Arizona State University's Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College.

IgnitED Labs Online promo

Explore IgnitED Labs Online at the Ignited Labs from Arizona State University's Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College. Visit the MLFTC IgnitED Labs to explore, tinker, and play.

Organizing literature with Google Slides

Use Google Slides to effectively organize the major ideas across many pieces of literature.

Blue Yeti microphone: podcasting part 1

Join our 2-part series on podcasting! In part one, explore the Blue Yeti microphone!

Virtual reality headsets: Oculus Quest

Explore the exciting world of vrirtual reality in education with the Oculus Quest.

LEGO Education: SPIKE Prime

LEGO Education's SPIKE Prime is tailored for middle school students, who can code a variety of designs through the SPIKE application.

littleBits Classroom

Learn how littleBits can introduce students to basic electronic circuits in an easy and safe environment.

3D laser cutting with the Glowforge®

Learn the basics of 3D laser cutting and how machines like the Glowforge can be used in education.

PowerPoint: creating interactive applications

Create low-fidelity prototypes for user interactions using PowerPoint's kiosk mode.

DIY doc cam (type 2)

With just a few items, learn to craft your own Doc-Cam!

AR with the Merge Cube

Merge Cube gives students an opportunity for hands on learning using augmented reality.

Making a doggy with a 3D printing pen

Learn how you can use 3D printing pens to create your own models.


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