A woman having fun with VR goggles on

During the 2019 Family Weekend, staff members from all locations of the IgnitED Labs collaborated to lead a variety of activities in Tempe’s Farmer Education Building.

3 podcasters with headphones on

First year MLFTC students brought their podcast “Chaotic Energy” to Innovation Day on November 1

Sabrina testing a 3D print in the IgnitED lab.

New faces from various university programs have joined the veteran Educational Technology Champions (ETCs) in the network of IgnitED Labs.

Visitors to the Ed Rising event try out a VR headset.

Nearly 500 high school students who plan to enter the education profession attended the Arizona Educators Rising Conference. A team from the IgnitED Labs showcased educational technologies and provided opportunities for these future educators to explore and learn with virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and programming.

Jodie Donner leads the Wellness Wednesday event in the Zen Den

Although achieving mindfulness and wellness through technological applications may sound contrary, people are looking to their devices as resources to help them deal with the stresses and anxieties they face.