Last updated: April 24, 2023

Sphero MINI

Sphero Mini


Sphero going through obstacal course

The Sphero Mini is a coding education robot designed to engage coding students of all levels with its easy to use interface and logic programming. The Mini is similar to both the Sphero Bolt and its precursor, the Sphero SPRK, additional coding robots with similar applications. The SPRK makes use of beginner logical and block-based programming, or more advanced Java coding, in order to familiarize STEM focused students with the processes behind code development. The Mini makes use of the Sphero Play app or the Sphero EDU app in order to develop functions for the robot. There are also additional tools that compliment the functionality of the Mini, such as the Sphero Play Mat, Chariot, and Jump Ramp. It additionally stands out from its peers in that it is more cost efficient, portable, and simple, making it ideal for younger STEM focused students to engage with.


The Mini is a product from Sphero’s K-12 education program, centered around Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics, in order to bring those disciplines together in education development. The Sphero mission is centered around equipping learners from many backgrounds to engage in their interests from multiple angles. The Mini specifically is designed to familiarize elementary students with logical design, algorithm development, and the basics of coding. By providing simple tools to facilitate this coding, and even simpler systems to mess around with, students can see the direct consequences of their design, and have fun doing so! The Mini is built for simplicity and engagement, and it makes it easy for young learners to get interested too!


Coding with the Sphero Mini is done through the Sphero Play App, or the Sphero EDU app, or Javascript. Students code around the various physical aspects of the bot, such as the motor functions, a programmable LED board, and additional physical outputs, allowing students to see the physical effects of their digital creation. This process is fun, simple, and engaging for students of all backgrounds as they begin to explore code development in STEAM education.

Brand information

Sphero is transforming K-12 education with accessible tools that encourage exploration, imagination, and perseverance through STEAM and computer science. Sphero assists educators worldwide in developing programs for student development and engagement across multiple disciplines. Sphero has also developed such products as the Sphero Indi Education Robot, the Specdrums, the Little Bits Workshop, among other tools designed to integrate education and technology.

Examples in the labs

We actively have the Sphero Mini in the lab! It is a fun education tool to make use of, on our play mats and simple to code and interact with, using the tools in the lab. Students find it entertaining to plot with and work around, across a variety of ages.

Uses in education

The Mini is a good tool for students to understand AR systems and how they can connect digital and physical environments. As it encourages students to play with code, it is a valuable tool for elementary educators looking to engage students in STEM processes and algorithm development.

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