Last updated: April 20, 2023

Nintendo RingFit Adventure

A kid leaping through the air with a Nintendo RingFit. Please don't try this at home.


A woman working out with a Nintendo RingFit

The Nintendo RingFit Adventure is an interactive workout system designed to make exercise fun and exciting for all ages. By combining the Nintendo Switch with additional peripherals, exercise is made to be fun and engaging. The game focuses around getting the user to jog, lunge, compress, and even do yoga poses, in an effort to conjoin fitness and the digital sphere. This blend is what makes the game an exceptional example of Augmented Reality (AR), encouraging the user to interact with the game from their physical space.


The RingFit Adventure is designed to mix exercise and video games in a fun way, engaging the player in a series of challenging workouts to progress through the game. Developed by Ninendo, the game continues Nintendo’s tradition of exploring the possibilities video games can create around the users physical experience in conjunction with the digital one. This specifically calls back to the popular Wii Fit experience, an earlier exploration of Nintendo into the realm of workout video games.


The game comes with two main pieces: the leg strap, and the resistance ring. Each connects to the Switch Joycon and tracks the user’s movement as the game input. The player proceeds through a series of levels, utilizing these two pieces of equipment to push through a typically 10 minute workout routine. This often consists of jogging in place, as well as engaging other parts of the body for the duration of the level.

Brand information

Nintendo has been creating interactive games for children ever since 1981 with the release of Donkey Kong. From the Wii to the Nintendo DS, Nintendo has established itself as a primary producer of both gaming consoles and video games. The Nintendo Switch is another generation of console that brings the digital and physical spheres. The RingFit Adventure is an accessory for the Nintendo Switch. A Nintendo Switch is necessary to play the RingFit Adventure.

Examples in the labs

The IgnitED Labs has a copy of the Nintendo RingFit Adventure, enabling students to interact with this great example of AR. The experience is coupled with our Nintendo Switch, as well as the Dell Interactive Monitor.

Uses in education

The RingFit Adventure provides a unique opportunity to involve students in physical exercise and digital spaces. Educators can look towards integrating it into a remote PE program, and as an accessory to the Nintendo Switch, there are additional AR activities to explore as well through the console.

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