Last updated: March 11, 2022

Apple Voice Memos

Apple Voice Memos


Simplicity and convenience are the 2 things that make up Apple’s Voice Memos. Apple’s Voice Memos allows users to create and save voice recordings onto their Apple devices, and users can also edit these recordings on the go.


Released in 2009 as a part of iOS 3, the Voice Memo app has allowed users to create and save audio recordings using their iPhone’s built in microphone. Voice Memos has been apart of the built in software found on iPhones ever since its release, as it is considered a necessity to some. In order to put into perspective the age of the Voice Memos app, iOS 3 also brought in staple features such as the iMessage app and the camera app with video recording capabilities.

As Apple grew with time, so did it’s products. Apple has since updated the Voice Memo app constantly with new features such as being able to trim a audio recording and being able to replace a part of a recording.


The Voice Memo app is included in every Apple device that has a microphone built into it. Once a user has clicked onto the app on their device, the are greeted with a very easy to navigate interface that includes a big, red recording button. Once a user clicks the button, the device will record any audio surrounding the device until the button is pressed again. Keep in mind that if a user desires, they can attach an external microphone to record higher quality audio. Once the button is pressed, the recording is paused and the device will cease to record. From here, users can either stop recording entirely, or they can start the recording once again. After a recording is completed, it is saved locally onto the device and can be replayed or edited. These are the following actions that can be done to a saved voice memo :


Shortens either the beginning or ending of a recorded memo


Allows the user to record over a specific part of a recorded memo


Removes a recorded memo from a user’s device


Allows the user to send their recorded memo through the use of several different services such as iMessage or Google Drive.

Brand information

Considered one of the most innovative companies in the technological field, Apple was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. However, it was in 2007 where Steve Jobs introduced the world’s first smartphone, the iPhone, which changed the meaning of what a phone is. Ever since, Apple has maintained it’s status of a technological powerhouse with its constantly evolving “i-” products, such as the iMac, iPad, and more.

Examples in the labs

At the Labs, any product made by Apple that is available for students to use has Voice Memos installed and ready to use.

Uses in education

At ASU, there are many situations where one would have to use Voice Memos. For example, in a journalism class, one might use the Voice Memos app to record an interview with a person, or ,with prior permission, a student may use the Voice Memos app to record a professor’s lecture for use outside the classroom.


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