Last updated: March 11, 2022

Apple QuickTime

Apple QuickTime


Apple QuickTime enables Mac users to open and view several different media files, such as videos, sound, music, and others. While there is a Windows version of QuickTime, QuickTime is an iOS-oriented product that comes prepackaged with most Apple products.


QuickTime was developed by Apple Inc. in 1991 and is pre-installed onto most Apple products as the MacOS’s main media player. As QuickTime is the main media player for Apple products, it can be easily integrated with other Apple products, such as iTunes and Final Cut Pro.

Apple Quick time offers several tools for users to:

  • Save files from the Internet
  • Edit audio and video
  • Record audio (Mac OS X and Windows) and video (Mac OS X only)
  • Add special effects
  • Create slideshows
  • Convert and save video, audio, and images to more than a hundred standard formats


As QuickTime comes pre-installed onto a user’s Apple device, it will be set as the default media player. For example if a user downloads a video file and wishes to view it, QuickTime will launch once the user clicks on the file. While a user can select another media player if desired, QuickTime will open most media files that a user clicks on.

Also, if a Mac user needs to record their screen, they are able to do so. We have created a guide demonstrating how to do so here.

The current supported file types are the following:

Video Files

.mov, .mp4, .m4v, .3gpp, .avi, .dv

Audio Files

.mp3, .m4a, .m4b , .caf , .au, .wav, .snd, .amr

Image Files

.bmp, .jpeg, .gif, .tga

QuickTime player gives the user the ability to quickly edit a movie as well, alongside capturing the screen of an iPhone, iPad, or iPod. These actions might be difficult for those who are not familiar with technology, but Apple has released guides detailing how to do what has been mentioned with ease.

Some of the guides include:

Brand information

Apple Inc. was created in 1976 and was originally named “Apple Computer Company” but was changed to “Apple Computer, Inc.” in 1977. Apple is known for its several different forms of computers, from its versatile mobile devices such as its iPhone 12 to its small, but powerful Macbooks. Apple is also responsible for creating several different pieces of software that have revolutionized the technology industry, such as its AI assistant, Siri.

Uses in education

QuickTime Player can be used in several different fields, in both direct and indirect methods. For example, a student might need to screen record their MacBook in order to record a presentation, or a professor might need to play a video for their class, which QuickTime Player can launch for them.

QuickTime player can also help introduce students to other forms of video editing software, such as Apple’s iMovie. From here, the entire field of video editing can be accessed by those who own an Apple device, as both QuickTime Player and iMovie come pre-installed and are free.

Tech Tour

As mentioned before, we have created a short guide demonstrating how to screen record on a Apple device, which can be found here: