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The ZapBox is a mixed reality kit allowing individuals and developers to affordably create 3D experiences. By combining the smartphone with accessible apps and hardware, users can create new interactive content affordably and easily. The app already includes a series of experiences already created to demonstrate the capabilities of the Zapbox, and users are encouraged to build their own to share.


The ZapBox is a highly affordable, flexible mixed reality system designed to bring the digital and physical spheres together for a wider audience of users. The system is primarily made of cardboard and the user’s smartphone, allowing for accessibility and simplicity. Additionally, it comes with an app that further expands upon mixed reality development.


The ZapBox is created by making use of a cardboard headset for the user’s smartphone, as well as additional cardboard components that work in conjunction with the ZapBox App to make use of the digital 3D space. These components are specifically a set of pointcodes to feed information to the app about the physical space, cardboard controllers that are tracked by the app to act as user input, and a lens adapter to improve the visual capability of the smartphone to detect the space around the user. Digital experiences are loaded through the app, and users can create their own experiences with a bit more project information.

Brand information

The company Zappar is focused on bringing affordability to the realm of Mixed Reality systems, as current products like the Microsoft Hololens are too expensive to be widely accessible. However, taking inspiration from the Google Cardboard, Zappar developed the ZapBox to be an affordable solution to mixed reality engagement.

Examples in the labs

The IgnitED Labs has a ZapBox system in order for students to come in and explore the functionality of the system, as well as the broader aspects of mixed reality. This is demoed in conjunction with other mixed reality systems like the Oculus Rift the Lab possesses, so students can see how similar this affordable tool is to the more expensive alternatives out there.

Uses in education

The ZapBox can be used by educators to create mixed reality experiences so students can engage with mixed reality in their studies. Some pre-loaded experiences are already tailored towards education, such as the exploration of some of South Africa’s endangered species through a digital aquarium, or digital engine building.

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